10 Ways to Be Creative

 Just to Let You Know, There is More Than 10 Ways to Be Creative

While we focus heavily on illustration and digital art here at The Last Page, it is important to know that tapping into your creative side is not reserved only for pen and paper. In fact, as I’m sure you can imagine, creativity is needed for every aspect of life. If we weren’t creative people, we would have never found solutions that are “outside the box;” and if that didn’t happen, we would all still be riding horses everywhere and ice cream wouldn’t exist. Sounds horrid, right?

To help everyone out there in getting the most out of their creative selves, we have set up this creative blog which will be posts all about developing your mind, tapping into your creativity, and reaching the most imaginable results you could, well, possibly imagine.

Now, I tend to look at things in a more artistic way, just as a scientist looks at the world with a different slant than someone who waits tables would. When I’m cooking, I’m not only following a recipe, I’m also picturing what it would look like on the plate, what subjects of conversation would go best with the meal, and what kind of setting I would draw with it if I was doing a picture.

You are the same way, I’m sure of it. If you’re responsible, and by the rules, you are going to look at life differently than a drunk college frat boy. The challenge here is to take a new perspective on something or take those characteristics that make you your best and pair them up with something you haven’t before.

Being creative when approaching moments in life has many great benefits. To name a few.

  • Reducing boredom
  • Finding new solutions
  • Discovering new interests
  • Learning more useful information
  • Better communications
  • If you are a barista, your latte art might even improve.

Basically, there really isn’t a downside, so to launch our Creative Blog as our first post, I bring you 10 ways to be creative.

1. We teach creative ways to be artistic, so pick up a pen and go to it.

Drawing, in my opinion, is the gateway drug to becoming a diversified artist. Taking invisible thoughts out of your head and putting them on paper is the first step to bring ideas to life. Once you can visually see your ideas, they become real, like your children almost, and you can easily nurture them and watch them grow.

2.Try new things.

Seems simple enough, and I’m not talking about trying double ply toilet paper compared to one ply; but many people get stuck in their ways and don’t like to change. I’m not a huge fan of change myself but it is necessary to life and has many benefits.

One of the benefits of trying new things is, if you try new things, you may find new things you like. When you find new things you like, you are a happier person. On the other side, if you have proven what you always believed, such as “I knew that would taste like shit,” at least it is confirmed now and you will have no regrets going forward.

3. Excersie! I mean it, really, get out and jog.

It should come as no surprise that exercise is good for you. That has been slightly pounded, or at least should have been, into our heads since we were kids. Not only are you keeping those body parts from getting all stagnant and burning calories; your mind is getting a good workout also. When you’re exercising, especially when you might have been stuck on a problem at the time (I always go for a walk when I get a creative block), exercising can save the day.

When in motion, not only is your body chemistry changing due to the changes of its state of being, your focus is changing to looking at different tasks that require a different set of skills instead of the ones you were using sitting in your office. Different air and attitudes also play a part. It is very vital to a good existence. The body was make to be used, not sit around.

4. Relax already.

I’m notorious at this one, but apparently it is not good to work 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. It leaves you worn down, and if you don’t remember to eat correctly, like most of us, you end up running on fumes. I can attest to many of a night trying to do even the simplest of tasks and taking four hours to think through it, or just not getting it down at all. There is a point where, as much as you would like to go on, you have to stop and charge your battery so you can function in the “real world.”

5. Learn something. Anything.

There is no excuse to anyone who has an internet connection not to be learning new topics every day. Learning has so many creative enhancing aspects to it  would be #1 if this was in a particular order.

When you learn something new, various changes happen. First, you have just increased your value as a human who know how to do things. You have also worked an area of your brain that may have been slipping into a coma. These new challenges of the education will remind you that life doesn’t have to be autopilot after college. The world will always continue to change, so it’s good to keep up.

6. Don’t become One of Them.

That’s my nice way of saying, look at that guy over there. You know who I’m talking about because they are everywhere. They are the ones who just watch tv all night but have no idea of what’s really going on it.

Stay active with everything you do, from eating, work, etc. There is nothing worse than flying on autopilot to the point of no return when you finally wake up. That will lead to confusion, self-doubt, and fear; which are all enemies of the creative process.

7. Challenge yourself with something you already do.

As fun as taco Tuesdays are, and I mean I really like my tacos; maybe it’s time you challenge yourself to some new dishes in the kitchen. You may only go out for seafood, but why not try making it yourself at home. It costs less and gets you trying new dishes, which stimulates taste buds and the soul. It will also take you off auto pilot and you will find that dinner after work is not just another chore

8. Do it yourself for a change.

Toilet not working, again? Well, you could spend a 100 dollars on some stranger to come into your house to just tell you it’s some simple clog. You could get another lecture about how you should have a plunger that you are paying to hear, or you could tackle it yourself. Now, hear me out.

There really is no excuse for this, for the most part. There is literally a Youtube video for everything; and if you are fit and able to do the job, why would you want to give your money away to some stranger you know won’t have the same care. Plus, besides trying a new skill, there is great satisfaction in accomplishing tasks like that. Self-confidence and saving money are always a winning combination.

9. Be a different person.

What? Yes, that is exactly what I said. You’re a creative person, get creative. The world has slowed down for a minute so who says you can’t be that secret person you always wanted to be. You may want to drive to the store you normally don’t shop and have a little fun and try out a different personality.

Another way to get some experience doing this is if you already have a job. Go get an interview being someone else for a position you never would normally go for. If you think that sounds ridiculous, you’re really missing out. What a great time to get some speaking and interview experience on the spot while there is nothing on the line to worry about.  Sounds educational to me.

10. Try some new tricks in the bedroom.

While sex really never gets old, I know a lot of us really could use some new moves every once in a while. So do your research, talk to your partner, and make sure you do your stretches first. This could also be applied to masturbation, so I don’t want to hear that you have to be in a relationship. Sex time is sex time, and everyone should be doing some form of it. It’s good for the soul.

There you go, 10 ways to be creative; and there are so much more. What these all really come down to is a few simple concepts to keep in mind, and you don’t need a 50 + greatest hit list to get it. In fact 10 Ways to Be Creative should be more like 3 Basic Creative Principals.

Try new things, get out of your comfort zone, and don’t let other people get in your way or put you down. You are your own adult, or even if you’re younger, you have made it this far on this crazy planet and that takes some creativity.

Okay, check back for more later and remember to think differently, enjoy life, and write down anything you feel that creative moment with.

There are no wrong answers, just results that may make others jealous.

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