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Learn Art?

I know, doesn’t sound very exact does it? Don’t worry, the fact that you found this page tells me that you’re in the right place, and we are going to make sure that you learn everything you need and want to.

If you have an inner creative urge, a creative side, or a creative anything; I welcome you to The Last Page. We are just starting out to be an online magazine and educational website mainly focused on digital comics and illustration. Our overall goal is to teach as many artistic lessons as possible. Whether it be pastel on paper or Apple Pencil to iPad, we want everyone to be able to express their creative side.

Aw, Learn Art!

I am currently writing new lessons and filming videos so you can “learn art” and go in any direction you wish. We will start with the foundations of drawing for both digital and traditional methods. From there we will go into more complicated techniques, focusing on key areas such as facial structure and scenery.

I encourage everyone to start with the learn to draw portion, although I know many of you creative people have at least sketched out a doodle while in a waiting room or on holding for long times on the phone. I am a believer that we all have unique talents in us that give us our own drive towards certain goals in the artistic world. The need for education comes in so you can learn certain skills, tips, and tricks to use as tools to be able to put your vision on paper and learn how to present it to the world online.

That being said, I have my own ways of performing certain tasks that may or may not help you from the beginnin, but definitely will more in the future. Please review the beginning lessons and see if I offer anything new to your skillset, and even if I don’t, you will have a feel for how I teach and will know if following the lessons and courses will be beneficial to you.

Drawing for Beginners

Are you ready to take the creativity in your head and apply it to paper and screen? Good, you will then  begin your learning art journey with the lessons I just mentioned above called Drawing for Beginners.

This section contains everything you will need to know to begin your creative journey into web comics, cartoons and illustrations (and beyond). It covers the supplies you will need, the basic lessons to get a grasp of the process and get you comfortable developing your new skills.

Drawing for beginners is full of all kinds of information and has a regularly updated blog with relevant articles and exercises in it. There are also exercises related to coming up with ideas, expressing creativity, and other mental challenges to get your brain into shape as a growing artist.

Comics, Illustrations, and Cartoons

After Drawing for Beginners, you can choose to move onto the section on comics, illustrations, and cartoons. In this section we will dive into all the different elements that will help you develop your skills to be able to succeed and express yourself in these areas. There are many lessons on different aspects of illustrations and plenty of exercises to give you the practice you need to be confident.

The Beginner Artist (and Advanced)

This website is for you. All these lessons are written from experience of what has worked for me in all the years I have been an artist. They are guidelines; however, as you are your own artist and make your own style. You should follow your heart. The rules I talk about are only rules because they are accepted in the community and your career may have setbacks if you ignore them. The rules may also be standard guidelines when it comes to working in the digital or printing realms.

I am a very busy person, but I will get back to your questions and comments as soon as possible, or someone on the team will. I will also give feedback to the assignments if you choose to submit them. 

I care about what I do and able giving you valuable information. All of our time is extremely valuable. These lessons are designed to help you become a great artist without eating up large portions of your day whether it is for a hobby or a career. 

That said, don’t hesitate to ask questions, give feedback, and share your own experiences. My team and myself are always learning new things every day, as you should be also; so any comments to help us all be better artists are always welcome.

Please join our newsletter and be part of the community we are building here because the world needs more creativity, insight, and design. If we all support each other, we are much stronger as a whole to enable that to happen. So let’s start the online artistic revolution and all learn art.

Oliver Andrew Wells

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