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Breaking down the question is easy if we just define the word. Creative (create or creation) is the process of taking an idea and turning it into something real. If I want to create a slip and slide on a moment’s notice because the kids are driving me crazy on a hot summer day, I begin to use to my creative mind to, well, create a solution.

“Let’s see. I have a roll of plastic trash bags and a water hose. So, if I attach the hose to the facet outside and then unroll the bags, I have a foundation to work with. Now, if I unroll those trash bags in the back of the yard down the steep part of the hill, that will be more exciting, especially between the two big trees. I guess a kid could get hurt, but we have a first aid kit and the odds of them having fun and not driving me crazy outweigh the risk.”

That is being creative. It’s one of the best qualities we have as humans, and we all have it. If we didn’t, life would be boring, and we would still be eating weeds out of field hoping they didn’t kill us.

The expression part defines how that creativity comes out. Myself, I like to write, draw, and tell fictional stories. In those stories there are other worlds with characters who can be evil, or successful, or rich, or poor, or just run a deli on the corner because we all need a sandwich. I EXPRESS those thoughts through my drawings and words, and  I create a scenario that people can experience and have an emotional response to. That’s what makes me an artist. It doesn’t matter if I sell my art or not or if people like my work. Of course, I want to be sucessful, but that would mean I’m a sucessful artist compared to unsucessful. I am still an artist because I create art and I express it a certain way. That is me exercising my creative expression.


That would be rare. You may not be creative in the sense that you don’t want to write long novels or paint murals on the side of buildings, but you have other creative tendencies.

Have you ever wanted to figure out how many beers you could drink and still drive to the store? How about coming up with a list of excuses to have on the ready so your wife doesn’t know you are cheating? What? It’s not a painting in a museum, and it may be unethical, and none of the excuses may actually work; but it’s creative. In return, she will be creative in how she’s going to kick your ass and express that very clearly.

The point is, most of us are creative in different ways. It is how we fix problems when the usual ways don’t work. It is how we get out of situations we know we did wrong. Lying is a creative art that could be a whole class taught in any college.

Cooking, being mean to your brother, and how to tell your boyfriend you found someone else. These are all creative actions. Creativity is in all of us. It is a core foundation of being human. Even if your lazy and call out of work all the time to just sleep, you have creatively gotten through life that way and you’re still alive to brag about it. Hey, you’re creative; but I would have to argue not expressing it in the best way.


So that’s important for you to know. There is nothing worse than a human having self-doubts about themselves or being held back because they heard someone say they couldn’t do something. I hate hearing, “I can’t do that” statements. You know people who say things like, “I can’t sing” or “I can’t write.” It goes on endlessly. It’s funny how no one realizes how much creative energy it takes to keep coming up with those excuses. See, even your haters can be creative.

So, now we ask the questions. You are intersted in expressing yourself creatively. I assume that is why you found this article. Hopefully you know now that we all are creative. Hopefully you haven’t listened to anyone say, you can’t do this or that. You are a human, humans create, and that is why we have all this physical aspects of life around us. 

It seems that the world is very selfish these days. Everyone is out to make it for themselves, and that is okay. Our creative side; however, is part of the human experience that is meant to be shared. People try to put it down because they feel threatened by it, but see, the best part is that creative expressions can be selfish and shared. Be creative for you, but share with the world.

So, do you want to explore your creativity?

What do you want to do with your creative expressions once you have figured them out?

Are you going to find excuses not to be creative?

Are you finally ready to tap into that creative expression???

We will explore these questions, and many more, going forward. But for the moment, take a moment and think about how you want to express yourself. Just make a casual list of what inspires you, what mediums of art and expression you want to try, and of course check back to The Last Page as we continue to add new content and lessons to help guide your creative spirit. Here we will develop your creative thoughts, teach you how to use the tools to transform them, and then show you how to share and use them in the digital world. 

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